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Newish year post


Old Image I drew way back in the Twenty of Twenty Ones! A cute girl dancing in a shallow spring pond during the rain.




  How is everyone doing in this new year? Are you planning anything in particular? Or are you just planning to see what these new days have to offer?

Personally, I am planning to actually update this blog and get more connected with my art which I was preety disconnected with in 2023.


 While trying to fix Matters When They Count’s cover image that went missing during a site revamp, I found this image right here.


  This was drawn around November 25th 2021. I must’ve been longing for the foggy mist of spring then haha. Though Autumn is my favorite season for it’s balance, Spring has a tranquility all it’s own, what with it’s cool crisp breeze veiling those under it. It’s a feeling that would make anyone want to go and allow themselves to get lost in an ephemeral moment. That must’ve been the feeling I wanted to give off in this drawing (I certainly wanted to do that (❛‿❛✿̶̥̥)…life really is a cycle (ㆆ_ㆆ) .)


  The new year is a lot like spring, An apparent rebirth of time after the physical and mental rot of the previous year’s twilight. Yet it isn’t so much of a rebirth as it is a cycle. This may be why the feeling one has making the same goal year after year is the same outcome: Failure.


  You yourself are working in a cycle. In the same round circle you are expecting a new shape: Resulting in an constant moving stagnation. Now routine isn’t bad in itself: One wakes up every morning to the same sun and sleeps to the same moon. You are able to experience familiar joys over and over again.


You survived the winter’s blizzard so allow yourself to enjoy the spring harvest. When you allow yourself rest in your heart you’ll be surpised in how much energy you have~

Who knows what flowers you’ll be able to find or grow because of it?